NBA 2K18 Game Modes Are Fully Fleshed Out And Are Packed


NBA 2K18 is one of the best-looking sports games around, the action continues to be smooth and very faithful to basketball. The Neighborhood was added into MyCareer in NBA 2K18, the introduction of the Neighborhood adds a visual component to the traditional customization. The actual basketball portion of NBA 2K18 is as good as it has ever been, everything felt crisp, responsive, and great.

With the fun and excellent gameplay that was on display, NBA 2K18 was highly acclaimed through the world. Virtual Currency NBA 2K MT is the in-game currency within NBA 2K18, which can be earned through every game mode by playing and performing well in-game. Simple enough, and at face value, seems like something that could provide for an entertaining gameplay loop if 2K Games were willing to implement it properly.

In addition, NBA 2K18 features the series' MyTeam mode, which serves as just another way to spend cash in order to have a noticeable in-game advantage. While separately these things might be forgivable, combined they comprise half of the game. NBA 2K18 is a brilliantly flawed basketball game held back by its blatant product placement and a career mode centred on aggressive microtransactions.

NBA 2K18 is not lacking in practice courts for shootarounds, but it does not make up for the inability to be guided through complex manoeuvres to receive helpful feedback which can then be applied to an in-game scenario. In NBA 2K18's game modes, are fully fleshed out and are packed with detail and minute levels of customisation, allowing you to play the way you want. Each game modes details, see more at here.

9 Oct 2017