NBA 2K18: Virtual Currency Has Become One Of The Most Discussed Topics

Players will choose the highest-earning VC modes in NBA 2K18, better mode could be the best way to enjoy NBA 2K18. Virtual Currency can be required by each game, what's more, it's most commonly referred to amongst NBA 2K fans, in the game's community, it has become one of the most discussed topics.

The MyCareer concept has been expanded into an open-world environment called The Neighborhood. Players are struggling to make their 60-something character competitive in Pro-Am or The Playground. When they show their face against the elite players in The Neighborhood, they want to be ready to hold their own.

Here's The Best Approach For The Short-On-Time Perfectionist

Start a MyLeague
Play on Superstar or Hall of Fame with 10 minute quarters
Play the first game on your schedule. Win or lose, you'll earn 890 VC for your efforts
Next, play a simple Play Now game with the same settings. Win or lose, you'll earn 850 VC.
Lastly, go into The Neighborhood, head to your MyCourt and shootaround for 10-15 minutes. As you sink jump shots, dunks and perform dribble moves, you'll earn VC.

If you're not into any other modes and unwilling to try them out, then you'll have to grind in The Neighborhood exclusively. In fact, you can be assured completely when you buying NBA 2K18 MT from a professional website like U4NBA, this is also the best ways to get Virtual Currency as soon as possible.

1 Oct 2017